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Our Team

The members of our team consist of highly successful tax professionals and accounting extraordinaires.


Their ability to take a customer-first approach is ingrained with every fiber of their being. Our unstoppable team is ready for any financial challenge you throw our way! 

Meet The Team

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Josef Bleichfeld


Tel: 514-375-5330 Ext.1

Email: Josef@a1bookkeeping.ca

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Naftali Bleichfeld


Tel: 514-375-5330 Ext.2

Email: Naftali@a1bookkeeping.ca

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Gitty Bleichfeld


Tel: 514-375-5330 Ext.3

Email: Office@a1bookkeeping.ca

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Sury Hirsch

Office Manager

Tel: 514-375-5330 Ext.4

Email: Sury@a1bookkeeping.ca

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Yiddis Wozner

Executive Assistant

Tel: 514-375-5330 Ext.0

Email: YWozner@a1bookkeeping.ca